About Hand-in-Hand Program

The Hand-in-Hand Program (known as “hi-H Program”) was initiated by CMI and launched in Shanghai on 14th July 2015. Since official launch, this non-exclusive partnership platform has attracted active involvement from various industry counterparts, including carriers, network and platform providers, device manufacturers, application providers and international organizations and alliances, which to acknowledge its main principles of “hi-H: Openness, Connection, and Collaboration”. The Program aims to form an integrated platform involving an expanding group of international partners with the intentions of reaching win-win partnership benefits and providing seamless services to customers. Through cross-industry collaboration, it is believed that the global digital work and life experience of individuals and corporates can be further enriched without boundary.

Our Mission

With a worldwide network covering over a billion mobile users and the sophisticated technical capabilities from hi-H members, our ultimate goal is to collaborate with partners within the ecosystem to deliver the Best Global Experience in High Speed Data Era enriching the digital life experience of individuals and businesses.


The hi-H Program was formed on a strategic partnership basis which is an open platform aiming to:

  • Provide users with the best E2E roaming experience;
  • Become a trustworthy platform to promote collaboration among industry counterparts;
  • Develop a multi-party collaboration hub to maximize efficiency and the value of network resources;
  • Bring together complementary capabilities of hi-H members for global data business and network resources;
  • Share partners’ successful experiences and facilitate new business innovation as well as technological advancement.

Cooperation Fields

The Parties will provide all reasonable co-operations to each other with respect to the following Cooperation Fields and use their reasonable endeavors to find a Definitive Agreement.


  • Support device requirements in each other’s device tech specification;
  • Enrich Multi-Mode Multi-Band device;
  • Regular handset roaming test.


  • VIP Green Channel;
  • Support written CLI guarantee;
  • Competitive IOT;
  • Leverage Wi-Fi resources to create virtual home environment;
  • Direct IPX Connection to reduce 3rd party cost;


  • Combine sales initiatives to land global M2M deals
  • Enhance roaming Qos M2M services and solutions


  • Leverage complementary network resources to provide global connection;
  • Develop MPLS VPN business and accelerate cooperation in NNI;
  • Jointly develop cloud computing and ICT service.


  • Sharing of network resources for a cost effective and timely service delivery;
  • Standardization of cross network domain SLA;
  • Develop across network domain E2E service management;
  • Initiative for future network such as joint force SDN/NFV.

Innovation & Internet

Mobile Internet

  • Collaborate in cross boarder digital service market
  • Share and co-develop mobile internet contents
  • PaaS and BaaS