About Hand-in-Hand Program

The Hand-in-Hand Program (“hi-H Program’) is a global partnership initiative run by China Mobile Int’l (CMI) and launched on 14th July 2015. Over the years, the concept of the global partnership is strengthening by this voluntary association between the members from different telecom sectors such as global telecom providers, application providers and telecommunication equipment companies.

Our missions are Openness, Connection, and Collaboration.
The hi-H Program empowers the connection between members and turn competition to industrial counterparts. Members pool their resource, expertise and knowledge to collaborate seamless and borderless products and services. Furthermore, through the ongoing workshops, all members work as a team and believe the partnership will lead to synergy which will benefit all parties in long run.

To achieve our mission, three specific working groups are brought together for members to participate. Group or individual workshops are held periodically as the process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas.

Our Working Groups


Data & Network

Innovative Telecom Technology

Our Mission

With a worldwide network covering over a billion mobile users and the sophisticated technical capabilities from hi-H members, our ultimate goal is to collaborate with partners within the ecosystem to deliver the Best Global Experience in High Speed Data Era enriching the digital life experience of individuals and businesses.


The hi-H Program was formed on a strategic partnership basis which is an open platform aiming to:

  • Provide users with the best E2E roaming experience;
  • Become a trustworthy platform to promote collaboration among industry counterparts;
  • Develop a multi-party collaboration hub to maximize efficiency and the value of network resources;
  • Bring together complementary capabilities of hi-H members for global data business and network resources;
  • Share partners’ successful experiences and facilitate new business innovation as well as technological advancement.