Mobile & Device Workshop

Mobile & Device Workshop covered five scopes, which are Wi-Fi, IPX, Local Breakout, Internet of Things (IoT) and Device & VoLTE, encompassing various hot topics across the telecom industry such as new development initiatives to achieve Wi-Fi and LTE convergence, IPX development strategies to confront challenges brought by high data consumption, conceptual and commercial frameworks of Local Breakout Service, current and future trends of IoT development and device and VoLTE roaming solutions to enhance roaming quality.

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Data Workshop

Data Workshop introduced the FLEX idea on its first workshop which refers to Flexibility, Fast, Linkage, End to End and eXchange for which these attitudes will be the major determinants to quickly respond to customers’ needs, collaborate to enhance end to end solutions and achieve better exchange and utilization of industry resources. Data Workshop provided a comprehensive introduction on connectivity, information and market covering Cloud, CDN, NNI, A2P and IDC keynotes, etc.

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Network Workshop

Network Workshop launched a carrier partnership platform, Global Resource Improvement Platform (GRIP) under the framework of hi-H Program in the previous year. GRIP proposes to share the network strengths of GRIP members with other members to compensate for their own weaknesses. Network Working Group therefore held the first workshop in order to facilitate further collaboration opportunities.

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