Mobile service operators are focusing on providing high quality end-to-end voice, SMS and mobile data services. End users wants to stay connected around the work with quality and affordable roaming service.

hi-H Program as a global partnership platform, aims to facilitate the collaboration to leverage the strengths and resources of our members in order to enhance the end-to-end service and improve end users’ experience.

LTE Roaming via IPX

World’s leading LTE roaming coverage

China Mobile Communications Corporation (“CMCC) has launched LTE roaming with international LTE operators across the globe via CMI IPX service. As of May 2016, CMCC has been one of the world’s leading operators possessing a LTE connection volume of 120 destinations that covers 122 operators.

Meanwhile, the CMI IPX, in addition to reaching its direct connected partners, covers a great number of major IPX carriers with worldwide coverage.

CMI IPX network is built on MPLS which is IP private backbone offering IP high-speed network to interconnect with global mobile operators by one single connection.


One single private pipe for all IPX services including:

  • Diameter Signaling (S6a)
  • Data & Wi-Fi Roaming
  • GRX / S8

Full redundant backbone
Supporting 2G/3G/4G data roaming with China Mobile and direct connected operators (including hi-H members)

Key advantages of selecting CMI

  • Enable LTE data roaming with China Mobile;
  • To be connected to a competitive scale of direct MNO;
  • To be connected to a world-class diameter routing service covering 120+ LTE roaming operators worldwide;
  • Prepare for future cooperation with China Mobile for VoLTE interconnection and roaming.

CMI IPX Direct Connect Coverage

23 direct connected operators in 11 destinations which are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

IPX POP Coverage

9 existing POP – Hong Kong Mega-I, Hong Kong GNC, Singapore Equinix SG1, Bangkok TIG, Taiwan Chief, Amsterdam Equinix AMS1, London Telehouse, Frankfurt Equinix FR5 and South Korea LG U+

Diameter Signaling Service (S6a)

The rapid growth of mobile data usage has driven the trend of high data consumption and network congestion, while the emergence of LTE has effectively overcome such issues which SCCP signaling has gradually been being incapable of coping with in this data era.


  • Single and secure interconnection to reach global operators;
  • High available network topology with failover mechanism;
  • Flexible AVP mediation capability.

Roaming traffic and revenue can be increased with the use of CMI Diameter Signaling Service to interconnect with China Mobile, the world’s largest operator by mobile subscriber base, scale and market capitalization.