hi-H Program – Network Working Group – GRIP


As both international bandwidth and global service coverage demand are increasing tremendously, no single telecom carrier can satisfy all the demands.  To cope with the changing trend and challenges in telecommunications industry, China Mobile International Limited (CMI) setup a carrier partnership platform, Global Resource Improvement Platform (GRIP), under the framework of hi-H program focusing on global network resource improvement for each member.

The main principle of GRIP is that the network strengths of each member shall be shared with the other members to compensate for their own weaknesses. All GRIP members are expected to achieve the following network advancement outcomes after joining: 1) Global Coverage; 2) Low Cost; 3) Fast Delivery; 4) High Quality.


GRIP Collaborations

1. Connectivity Collaboration

  • Allow members to share new subsea cable project ideas and their network requirements
  • Reinforce existing subsea cables, backhauls or local loops resources cooperation to strengthen route diversity

2. IDC/POP Collaboration

  • Enable members to share their IDC/POP resources to increase members’ global service coverage

3. Online Resources Trading Platform

  • Establish an online platform for members to look for suitable network resources effectively
  • Set-up a joint procurement consortium particularly for GRIP members to procure common network requirements

4. Resources Management

  • Establish standard price table, standard MSA and regular service performance report for GRIP members


China Mobile International has completed ~USD 30M for 700G bandwidth subsea resources collaboration through hi-H GRIP. Further resources collaboration initiatives are being developed to enhance both CMI and partners’ network and provide high quality telecom services to our customers.