Wi-Fi Roaming Cooperation

  • Facilitate inter-operator exchange of Wi-Fi network on a multiparty collaborative basis
  • Allow members to access the Wi-Fi roaming network of multiple operators with single connection
  • CMI enables cost savings on direct agreements and speeds up Wi-Fi roaming implantation between operators



  • Establish a global Wi-Fi network sharing platform to offer complimentary services to customers by cooperating with key Wi-Fi providers across different regions
  • Leverage Mobile Wi-Fi network bundle strategy via real-time signaling query to generate more potential roaming revenue for both inbound and outbound businesses

Operator Benefits (win-win)

Business perspective

  • Activate silent roamers by providing Wi-Fi services
  • Increase outbound roaming revenue by encouraging user to activate roaming function
  • Increase inbound roaming revenue by facilitating partners / users to roam into preferred network

Marketing perspective

  • Reinforce Viral Marketing Effect at low marketing cost to promote complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Utilize landing page as a tool for marketing promotion

Subscribers Benefits (win-win)

  • Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi service as data access supplementary
  • Gain more travel information or enjoy special offers through landing page

Wi-Fi Roaming Case Reference

Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom (CHT)

  • Service Launched
  • Authentication
    • Landing Page (with One-Time Password)
    • EAP-SIM

Wi-Fi Roaming Collaboration

  • The service was also launched in Hong Kong and will be extended to other destinations including Macau, Korea, Japan, Thailand, US…
  • CMCC has had over 4,000,000 access points
  • Partners’ roamers select CMCC’s network to enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi service
  • CMCC’s roamers select partner’s network to enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi service